Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

I strive to incorporate equitable practices into all aspects of my life, and have taken specific actions to do so in the conservation community and on college campuses. Below are some examples of the advocacy work I have participated in.

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parc diversity, equity, and inclusion task team

I'm currently co-chair of this task team, which is set to launch in Fall 2017. More info coming soon!

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lgbtq+ advocacy training

I have several years of experience facilitating 3-hr LGBTQ+ allyship and advocacy trainings for UMD's LGBT Equity Center, and hope to develop similar programs for other institutions.


trans advocacy training

I also facilitated 3-hr trainings focused on the fundamentals of transgender and gender variant issues for UMD's LGBT Equity Center.


In 2015, I attended UMD's Lavender Leadership Retreat, which focused on building leadership skills to facilitate conversations in LGBTQ+ campus communities and to create and sustain strong LGBTQ+ student organizations on campus.

Following the retreat, I was inducted into UMD's Lavender Leadership Honor Society, which celebrates and develops leadership for LGBTQ+ social justice.